Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do Our Past Lives Influence What We write???

Okay, so I have an open mind to the possibility of all sorts of things. I love anything paranormal, especially psychic tools, hence my adult paranormal cozy mystery series, The Fortune Teller Mystery Series. I also love anything action adventure like my upper middle grade paranormal action adventure series, The Samantha Granger Experiment. It seems I am most drawn to writing books filled with paranormal action adventure as well as romance and laughter (gotta have that :-))

I've often wondered what draws a writer to write in a certain genre. So when my RWA chapter brought in a Past Life Reader a while back, I was intrigued. Anyway, here's how it went. She held my hand and stared at my face for several minutes, then she closed her eyes and took several deep breaths, then smiled big and said, "There you are, I can see you clearly now. Oh, and you're so cute! (ahem, I loved her right then!) And smart, wow, are you smart. And bored. Holy cow are you bored with your life."

Turns out I was a young attractive smart woman born in France or England somewhere back in the 1800's, and I guess I was like "My soul landed where? You've got to be kidding me." This is when marriages were arranged and women were not expected to do or be anything important. Only I'm very smart and I have this huge longing for adventure and to do something with my life. My mother was very rigid and expected me to follow the rules, where my dad was secretly like, "You go, girl!" Because his marriage to my mother was also arranged and there was no love there.

So along comes this man. He's older but I married him anyway because I knew he could give me what I wanted. And he did. We traveled and ended up in South America where I got to use my smarts and help children in the jungle. I was in heaven, but my husband was angry. He was upset that he gave me everything and yet I couldn't get beyond the fact that he's not dreop dead gorgeous, so I didn't love him. He became snappy and short with me and others thought he was the one who was cruel, when in reality, the cruelty was that I was holding back my love.

He ended up dying and I had this huge sense of regret that I never gave more of myself to him. So in this life, it is my mission to right that wrong. To love fully and have a long lasting relationship, but still maintain my sense of adventure.

So I took a look at my life today, and holy cow she was right. I met my husgand when I was 18, married him when I was 21 and 4 kids and 20 years later, we're still together ... even better, still happy! And hello talk about adventure. I've been para sailing in Acapulco, scuba diving in the ocean and zip lining over the rain forest and helicopter riding over a volcano in Hawaii, and kayacking in the ocean and taking a train up the gold rush in Alaska, and swimming with sting rays in the carribean. Not to mention I have always wanted to sky dive and bungee jump someday. Is that not cool or what?

Even freakier, other people in our chapter had some really awesome reading, too. My CP found out she was a former black man from Africa. She was from a really good tribe and was spoiled, but she wanted more. So she got on the boat, thinking she was headed for an even better life, when she ended up in slavery. As soon as she got on the boat, she realized she made a mistake. She ended up hating the water and boats, and from then on she longed for her childhood becaus that was when she was happiest. To this day, she has a huge fear of water and boats. She never knew why, she just knew she had this almost irrational fear of it and never learned to swim until she was 34, and only then because she had children and they all wanted a pool. And she admits she was spoiled as a child and still is. She kept trying different genres when writing, but it wasn't until she started writing YA that she found her niche. She loves the Disney channel and those type of movies and TV shows. Even her tagline says "Release Your Inner Teen!" Isn't that amazing?

We had another woman who is so quiet and reserved and is obsessed with Scotland. She's really drawn to it and writes it, but never quite knew why. Turns out she was a Scottish Monk and was sad when she had to leave her beloved country.

And finally we had yet another woman who they thought had throat cancer. She had surgery and miraculously didn't need any chemo or anything and there was no trace of the cancer after. She was thrilled to be cancer free, but was left with a scar across her neck so she wears a scarf. She loves paranormal books as well and writes them. Turns out she was hung as a witch in the Salem witch trials. (mind you the psychic didn't have a clue about any of our stories, what we write, etc, yet she was dead on with everyone. It was seriously wild!)

Crazy, I know, but it does make you wonder. Why do you write what you write? Could it possibly be linked to who you were in a past life? Inquiring minds want to know!



Cassy Pickard said...

Kari: I had a fun time envisioning you all those years ago. I am a Reiki Master a four years. Remember my working on your back last year in DC? I have story after story of experiences that might seem unbelievable to many, but I lived them and I know they were real. My husband and I joke (sort of joke) that I "know" things and "see" things long before they happen. You can hear the inside humor between husband and wife.....

As for my writing, I am sure past lives play a part. I'm not sure where or how. But, there are times I'll go back and read a scene or a chapter and wonder, who wrote that?? It's as if the words are separate from my memory of sitting and working. I know this sounds a little "out there," but I do love it when I read something and think, "boy, that's pretty good." Then remind myself that I was the one who wrote it.

Thanks for getting me thinking!!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

I do remember you working on my back and that was an experience itself. I could feel the heat even though you weren't touching me. Very freaky!

I love this kind of stuff, spooky yet so intrigueing.

Anyone else have experiences they'd like to share?

Liz Lipperman said...

Do do do do......
Until last year, I would have made fun of everything you just wrote, telling you to get a refill! But I had a freaky thing happen to me, also. My paranormal mystery is about 5 sisters, one of whom is a ghost who wants the sisters to find her killer. In real life, I also have 4 sisters and one died way too early. So, the book is sort of autobiographical even though my sister was nothing like my ghost.

Anyway, I was guest-blogging one day and answering questions about weird things that happened to people in houses, etc. My sister who dies was Theresa but we called her Tessie and my ghost in the story is Tessa. When the anti-spam word came up, I nearly freaked. It was TESSE.

I am now a believer. As far as past lives, I don't have a clue if I had one, but if I did, it would have probably been as a queen since I'm so bossy.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

LOL you crack me up, Liz!

Lindsay said...

That's a great blog and it got me thinking. Which can be dangerous for me. As I was writing tonight the blog came trickling back into my mind.
Maybe there is something to this past life thingie. Everything I write revolves around the military, in specific the Army. Maybe, in another life, as if this one isn't hard enough, I was in or involved somehow in the Army and it filters into my mind and my writing. I always thought I wrote with a military angle cause being a guy it seemed to fit. But maybe it fits cause of a past life(lives) thing.

Mary Martinez said...

Great blog, I love to listen to stories about past lives, etc. I'm sorry I almost missed your blog. I swear I thought it was still Monday.

Our next RWA Chapter meeting we are having a Medium join us along with her nephew who has been on Physic Kids, Children of the Paranormal on A&E. I'm so excited. Though they are both friends of mine. We met doing Ghost investigations. Long story.

Anyway we'll have fun trading stories in Nashville.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Hey, you never know, Lindsay, but it's sure fun thinking of all the possibilities. At the very least it might inspire even more book ideas and that's the point :-)

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Mary your medium sounds fabulous. I can't wait for Nashville and all the stories we're all going to swap over, ahem, margaritas!