Thursday, March 4, 2010

What to say? (Writing through Life's Crisis's part two)

Today is my day to blog. And I have nothing prepared so I'm not sure what to say. The last few weeks have been a roller coaster for me. It's been hard to focus on anything outside of my family and friends.

But I have a writing career, or I hope I'm building one anyway. This is my day job. And everyone knows you can't stay home from work if your baby is sick, etc. I work/write from home. What is my excuse not to write? I don't have one.

I wrote about this last week in my post Writing through Lives Crisis's today is more or less a continuance. I read through my post when I finished last week, and thought hey this is all good advice. So why didn't I follow my own advice? Things should be on a better road or path to a normal life, right? Wrong, because yet again I received more bad news on Monday about a very dear friend. Someone I've known almost my entire life, and no I'm not telling you how long because then you'd know how decrepit I am! Any of you have one of those friends that when you think back in life, back to your school days. Memorable times. There's usually one person who was there with you. This is my friend. If I were in trouble, I was usually in cahoots with her.

Anyway it doesn't matter what news, it still threw me for a loop and here I am rolling through another of life punches.

With a day job, you can shuck all your worries and your problems as you walk out the door, jump in the car and lose yourself at your desk or whatever you do. I'm not saying it's not in the back of your mind, but it's easier to cope in different surroundings.

My job is at home. All the reminders of my life sit on my desk. Like the obit of my dad, it's laying right in front of me, why? I don't know why I haven't put it away. But it's just an example I need to learn to focus and block everything out for at least a period during the day when I can write.

After all I don't want the boss to fire me!

Life goes on and you make the best of it. Tonight I leave for NY for a weekend of play with friends. I am going to re-energize myself, and do a little research on my WIP--My goal? To come home enthused about my new story and hopefully the words will flow.

Next week I promise there will be no part three.

Any advice you can give me?


Lindsay said...

I'm so sorry to hear you got hit with more bad news. My prayers go out to you.
You wrote that you still had your dad's obit sitting in front of you. I've still got things from my late wife around me, she died in 2004. Slowly I'm putting them away. Guess for me, it's hard to say good bye. Maybe the same with you.
I work outside the house, actually that's where I write also so my home is sort of a sanctuary for me. A respite from the crazy world of writing.
Reach out to your friends, especially now. They are there to help, maybe hold you.
Go have fun in NY, you deserve it.
Again, my prayers go out to you.

Mary Martinez said...

Thanks Lindsay!

That is one of the many things about working from home. Everything is there. It's hard to stop working and it's hard to start maybe I should have reversed the order. But it's also hard to leave things for a while when you're there all the time.

I intend to use this weekend to good advantage. And recharge.

Thanks for the prayers!

Cassy Pickard said...

Mary: It's so so so hard to escape from the magnitude of all that's around us. And, I confess, I'm glad we can't escape. Sure, switching gears (a trip to NYC sounds pretty good), watching a tear jerking movie, or dinner out with friends all helps. But we are who we are. We care for those we love. Thank goodness we do. I don't want to run away from that, even when it really hurts. If I could turn it on and off, who would I then be?

hugs streaming your way, dear, Cassy

Mary Martinez said...

Thanks Cassy.

No I sure don't want to turn it off or on. I just need a break to re-energize. Then I'll be back and ready to write and take care of my friend.


Lindsay said...

When you come back from your break and help look after your friend, don't forget to look after yourself also. The literary world needs authors like you.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Hang in there Mary! You're strong, you will get through this. A break sounds like the perfect thing right now, though:-)

Marilyn Shank said...

Keeping the obit close to you could be a good thing--feeling that he is with you in spirit, believing in you, watching over you as you write. I lost my mother in 1992. Everyone finds a personal path through grief. All the emotions you feel will empower your writing. Take care!

Liz Lipperman said...

Mary, sorry I'm so late chiming in, but I was out of town without my laptop.

I agree with what everyone has already said. I'm so sorry for your bad news, but you must take care of yourself through all this. Give it some time before you jump back into life. Allow your heart to heal.