Monday, June 21, 2010

Liz’s Monday Morning Ramblings with Intrigue author, Angi Morgan

Please welcome a chaptermate and friend who has a unique story to tell about her first sale. For those of you who are members of Romance Writers of America (RWA), the Golden Heart is the most prestigious contest out there. Even if you don’t win the contest, just finaling gets you noticed. We all know authors who have gone on to sell after the finalists were announced and shared their good news at the huge Awards Ceremony at Nationals.

Well, here’s where Angi is unique. She sold BEFORE the finalists were announced. How is that possible, you ask? Well, according to the rules, you have to be unpublished at the time of the deadline for the contest which was in November. Angi heard her manuscript, titled See Jane Run at the time, sold to Harlequin Intrigue on November 12th but signed her contract on December 1st with a release date 10 months later. She’s here today to tell us about her amazing journey and to answer all your questions. I’m the lucky one who gets to interview her.

Me: So, Angi, have you come down to earth yet after your amazing last six months?

Angi: Not at all, things just keep happening. It all feels surreal. Just last Monday I saw my (Most Excellent) cover for the first time. It is amazing.

Me: Tell us a little about Hill Country Holdup (originally titled See Jane Run.)

Angi: HCH never stops. I wrote the book with the intention of never having a sagging middle, so Steve and Jane never slow down. I like unusual backdrops: fireworks, floods, The Wax Museum...oh and a junkyard. Throw in a double kidnapping and a villain who just won’t stop...and there you have it.

Me: You mentioned the perception of your hero through some readers’ eyes surprised you. Can you elaborate?

Angi: That’s actually Erren, the hero of my second book. Two friends read the first pages of his story and said he was one hunky cowboy. It was a shock for me, since he had two-toned hair, was wearing tennis shoes, a leather jacket and an earring. It was nice that the Texan in me shines through. Of course, Erren is a true Texan and the package he was wrapped in isn’t the real one. He’s my chameleon.

Me: A Little birdie told me you have been contracted by Intrigue for your second book, tentatively titled Bad Boy Uncovered. Is this one written? Is it book 2 of a series? Tell us about it.

Angi: That news is part of my tremendous roller coaster ride this spring. Erren does appear in Hill Country Holdup, but this is not a sequel. My agent called May 28th with the news BBU had sold with a February 2011 release. Wow, talk about your quick turn-arounds. I worked on Art Fact Sheets less than two weeks later and had my title on June 11: .38 Caliber Cover-Up. It fits the story perfectly and I can’t wait for that cover!

Me: Since the first book of my series comes out next July, I am particularly interested in what kind of marketing you did for HCH. Any advice for newbies like me?

Angi: Oh we have to market? LOL Now that I have a cover, I’ll be sitting down with my hubby to decide exactly what we can afford and how my website will be changing. One thing I decided early was to have a unique sound on my book trailers. I wanted something with a suspenseful beat, and didn’t want words. So I purchased several original songs (music only) to help me accomplish that. Take a look on my website: I joined the Intrigue Authors website. You can also follow my “drama” from Sold to the Shelf on South Carolina Writers’ Workshop asked me to blog about my experience this year every three weeks. And of course, I’m joining the eHarlequin community of writers on their website. I’m very fortunate that Harlequin has an in-place community.

Me: What’s in the future for Angi Morgan? Do
you have plans to venture out in any other genre or is RS where you want to stay?

I have a great agent who’s already talking future books with my Intrigue editor. If those ever slow down, I’ve had other editors interested in a Scottish time-travel series with a unique twist (is there any other kind? LOL). But Suspense seems to be in everything I write...and the romance is a must. I happen to love a Happily Ever After ending. I certainly feel like I’m living one right now.

Me: Tell us one thing about publishing that surprised you the most.

Angi: All my friends have been very supportive of my writing over the past ten years. It’s always amazed me that they never doubted it would happen. They’re all so excited about the book being released in September. But I guess that’s not truly surprising because they’re great. The days following the sell of HCH, I received close to 300 emails congratulating me. It was a surprise, but an awesome feeling that so many people would take the time to wish me well.

Me: Since you accomplished two of my biggest dreams (selling and finaling in the GH) can you tell us what your next big goal is?

Angi: I’ll share that when I WIN the Golden Heart. >big grin< Actually, my current goal is to finish .38 Caliber Cover-Up BEFORE national conference. I’m waiting on one conversation to see what direction my next book should take: they’ll be in Texas, they’ll have strong heroic Texans, and there will be a gyro-copter.


Nancy from NTRWA said...

Angi! What fun to read your interview. I can "hear" the excitement. Enjoy every minute :-)

Lindsay said...

Your story is definitely a dream come true. Good luck with your next books.

Lindsay said...

Liz and Angi,
FYI-the links to the websites don't work.

Liz Lipperman said...

Hey Angi, I'm writing this from Lake Conroe. Sorry about the links, Lindsay.

I can't wait to read about the Texas boys!

Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Angi what a great interview. Good luck with your books. I will be sure to check them out.