Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mary's Rants: I have a new web site!

Good morning.

If you're an author and someone says that you need to have 1. a professional web presence and 2. you need to brand yourself. What do you think that means?

Well when the lovely CW (Christine our agent) told me this the first thing I did was evaluate my web page. I had a home made site and it wasn't bad if I do say so myself. But it wasn't what you would call professional.

I researched many web design companies and found Rae Monet, Inc. Design her designs were awesome and reasonably priced to boot. How could I go wrong? Well she couldn't but I could. I chatted with her on the phone and told her so much information, because I really didn't know what I wanted.

It was one of those things that you know you'll know what you want when you see it. She designed me something that was totally awesome, but wasn't what my husband or agent had in mind. We went with what I was writing at the time. Suspense.

Great site. I was looking really urbanish at the end of an alley. So I said great I'll take it. But every time I looked at it, it just wasn't what I wanted. However, I still couldn't put my finger on why. Other than it was suspense, and I had many ideas and finished manuscripts that were not. Back to what I originally was trying to express. I didn't want to be branded as suspense only I wanted something more broad to brand my name.

My writing has a women's lit flare even in my mystery/suspense. Finally, I realized that I wanted something that would brand my name that wasn't genre related. I called Rae and of course, she thought I was nuts. But she worked with me.

And after really researching and soul searching--I know sounds melodramatic, but I did--I came up with an idea. My original tag line that I've had for a few years is Surrender yourself to the wanderlust of Mary Martinez. I wanted to go back to that. What did I love? Travel, a good story, and a good bottle of wine.

I checked dozens upon dozens of web sites and with the help and suggestions of a few friends and my husband I came up with an idea of taking my dad's old (as in ancient) brown suitcase, a bottle of wine, glass and a book to Red Butte Gardens, Salt Lake City's botanical Gardens, for pictures. (Our daughter Kaci Walters took the lovely pictures used)

Without further ado, check out my new and fabulous web site: and my blog:

Look around my site, and tell me if you like it, if you think it brands me as an author who may write a bit of all genre's. Everyone who comments either on this blog or my personal blog will have their name entered into a drawing for a coffee mug and a $10 GC for Starbucks. I will also send out a newsletter about the drawing, I'm giving everyone a week to comment. I'll announce the winner next Thursday on Mary's Rants!


Kari Lee Townsend said...

Love it Mary! You, having your wine, getting ready to take off and see the world....or write about it :-) Perfect!

I want the same thing when I'm ready. A website by Rae that will work for all the things I write.

How very exciting!

Katt said...

Great Website Mary, I like that it's personal!
Gives those of us yet to take the plunge something to think about.

Mary Martinez said...

Thanks Kari, I love it also and Rae is great. Make sure you have researched what you want. Otherwise you'll end up like me and have to have her change it.

Katt, Thanks!

Terri said...

Nice. The other was fun, but maybe a little too noir.

Besides, you can be a gun-toting mama here!

And that garden's lovely.

Terri said...

PS: I am a HUGE coffee drinker! I have 3 (count 'em) Starbucks within walking distance!

Lindsay said...

Love the new site. It's a lot different and definitely give you more flexibility with your writing.
Unlike you, Terri, I've only got one Starbucks near me and it's only driveable.

Mary Martinez said...

Terri, you're right I can always tote the guns with the M&M's!

Oh, I envy you your Starbucks. I have to drive about 5 miles on the freeway to get to mine. And it's a pain to cross over into the street it's on.

Good luck on the drawing. Ron-(hubby) usually has the honor of drawing the names.

Lindsay said...

At my Starbucks, of course they all know I'm an author, I on occasion use barista's names for character names. Even to the point where one barista was so adamant about me using her name, I only had one character left to name, I told her she'd have to be a villian and get shot.
So, you see, not only does Starbucks have great coffee but is a great place to get names.
Mary, Is that a French or Italian wine you're sipping.

Mary Martinez said...

Thanks, I'm glad everyone likes the site.

You and me both. No neighborhood Starbucks for me either. Though I do have the Brew Monkey. They have 10 times the sugarless flavors and their prices are cheaper.

Don't tell Starbucks I said that!

Terri said...

I tried to post over at your blog, too, Mary But it hasn't shown up yet.

As for me and my Starbucks: I'm in the suburbs! In the GREAT BIG CITY they have 'em on every corner. (And tons of other coffee purveyors in between.)
Too much effort for NY'ers to cross the street!
Lindsay: Hilarious. For that she should slip you an extra espresso shot. Or, in Starbuck's lingo, a "red eye."

Lindsay said...

Not only did I get an extra shot she got shot. The woman was so excited that she got killed off, in the book, I got free coffees all that day from her.

Mary Martinez said...

I wonder why your post hasn't shown up. I need to check my comment permission, I must have messed something up because I haven't had a comment on there from anyone in a while. Thanks for letting me know.

I'm jealous you live in NY, Terri, I love it there.

Funny about the woman being the villain. Isn't that great when you get free coffee. I'll have to try that at Brew Monkey. Though no one around her seems impressed that I'm an author.

Lindsay said...

Must be because I'm so cute and classy

Lindsay said...

I just tried posting at Mary's blog after signing up to follow. My post posted.
Weird that you can't

Mary Martinez said...

Thanks for the test. And I forgot to tell you what wine I had. It was a California red. Though I had both a French and Italian bottle I could have taken. But it was very hot that day (sunny, I had trouble finding a picture I wasn't squinting in) and I didn't want to ruin a good bottle sitting in the sun.

I was glad too, because most of that bottle went to my cooking wine stash.

Terri said...

I'll try again. I have no idea what I did or didn't do...or what it was I wrote!

Lindsay said...

Do you have a link from your website to your blog because I can't find one.
I've also got your blog not only bookmarked on my computer but also on my phone.

Mary Martinez said...

On my contact page it has a link to the M&M blog and my personal blog. Facebook and Twitter and my newsletter, which I still need to do.
Thanks for bookmarking me. I love to be bookmarked. LOL

Lindsay said...

Found the blog link and Facebook and Twitter links. I'm on both but never seem to have the time to spend much time on either.

Sue A. said...

Beautifully done website! Easy to get around and clean and uncluttered, with a appealing look. I'd like to suggest that your personal blog be one of the links listed alongside HOME ABOUT BOOKS etc. so that people know right away to visit you there!

Katt said...

Just a quick off topic, I just picked up my mail and I'm now the proud owner of my very own, very cool, M&M's tote bag.

Thank You Ladies!

Kathy Bremner

Mary Martinez said...

Sue thanks for the suggestion. I'll see if it's not too late to do that.

Katt, Congrats, aren't they great totes? I love mine.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the visit. I like the website-it is informative and colorful

Liz Lipperman said...

You and Rae hit it out of the park with this one, Mary. I loooooove the pictures. Maybe I'll get Rae to redesign mine.

Am I the only person on this planet who hates Starbucks? Hubby could build a nest there!!

Mary Martinez said...

Liz, you're right Liz out did herself with this one. Though she had some great pictures my daughter too to work with. The waterfall was one that Kaci took while waiting for me to change.

But I love it!

Liz, I think you may be the only person I know who doesn't like Starbucks, but there may be a few more.

Lindsay said...

Yep, you are.