Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mary's Rants - Take the whine out of writing

Again, it's just me folks, no wonderful guest or anything like that just me. Yes I'm whining. Most of the writers I know whine a lot. That's what I'm going to chat about. I have been known to enjoy a good wine. But I don't like a whiner. Especially when it's me. 

Are you asking what is the Whine in writing? I'll explain:
When am I ever going to get published?
How can (fill in blank here) land a contract before me, when I've been waiting longer?
I never have time to write, someone is always interrupting me!
New York editors will not even look at my work unless I have an agent.
Everyone in my writing group has found an agent, but me.

The answer to four of these whines is: No one can predict when you receive a contract. Most things in this business is out of our control. So you can't whine about it. You're wasting valuable time and energy. And if you are busy complaining about not being published or not having an agent, whose writing for you? If you have nothing to submit you'll never get an agent nor will you get published. 

The answer to the I whine is: You can control when you write. Only you can let people interrupt you. You've heard from many authors and workshops these things:
  1. Tell friends and family you love them but... you have to write.  They need to respect that.
  2. Set a schedule and stick to it. And if you let people continue to interrupt you after you've told them your schedule, you are letting them control your writing.
  3. Be flexible, life is going to throw snowballs at you every chance it gets. Roll with the punches. Do not waste time moaning about the lost writing time. Dust off and revise your schedule. 
Your writing time is something you can control, most of the time. So do it.
And stop all of your whining! If you don't you will never be a published author. 

Now on to something I promised you last week. If you remember I launched my new web design. Anyone who left a comment on this blog and my personal blog this week had their names put into a hat for a drawing. The winner receives a coffee mug and a $10 GC to Starbucks. I wrote all the names down and put them in Ron's (hubby) golf hat and he drew a name. 

The winner is....

Congratulations! Marie H. 


Carole said...

Fine. I'll tuck my whine away.

Anita Clenney said...

I'm feeling whiny today. Maybe it's that summer is here and so are the kids. I'm finding it hard to get anything done, or maybe it's because my air conditioner isn't working--on the hottest day of the year. The kids, hubby and I all piled into the coolest room to sleep last night, with windows open and fans blasting. Still hot. It was 89 degrees in the house. Yuck!

Maybe I'll feel less whiny after the AC guy gets here. If it isn't so darned hot in the house, I can remember how blessed I am to have my kids here, healthy and happy.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Great post Mary and so true. We can all find something to whine about, but then we have to learn to pick ourselves up and make it happen. I'm wayyy behind schedule but I am NOT going to whine about it....out loud anyway :-)

Lindsay said...

No one ever listens to me when I whine. Heck, when I do whine at home even my collie Kebi leaves the room. And you should see the look he give me. The glance over his shoulder as he waddles down the hall away from me is enough to get me to stop.

Mary Martinez said...

Carole, I have trouble tucking my whine away!

Anita, my hubby hasn't even uncovered the cooler this year. He likes the hot. Of course, the rest of us swelter. Yup there was a whine! But not about writing.

Not today I'm whining and I have 5 reasons! And they're all out running through the sprinklers. I can't get even an email written without someone yelling. "NANA!"

Kari, Maybe if we all just whine under our breath it sill help!

Lindsay, at least Kebi doesn't bite you! You gotta look on the bright side.

okay everyone let's WRITE! Or edit as long as it's productive!

Cassy Pickard said...

Mary: You are so right (write). Yesterday started at 2 am when my husband's car arrived to pick him up. By 5 am I was back in bed for a short nap. Starting the day a second time made me feel grumpy and whiny. I'm taking your words to heart. Thanks for posting them. Cassy

Mary Martinez said...

Cassy, 2pm? I was still trying to get to sleep because Hubby was talking in his sleep. I usually drop off about 3 when his alarm clock goes off.

I'm glad everyone is going to stop whining and write or edit. I have been a sentence here an edit there. But I will not whine. I will do what I can and not stress.

Lindsay said...

I'm always grumpy. Makes life so much easier that way. 3am, that's when I start thinking about going to bed. After a nice w(h)ine, lately white.