Friday, September 24, 2010

Cassy's Corner- An Interview with the Talented Mary Martinez

Good Morning everyone, as you know I've been interviewing the M&M's. I even interviewed myself on Wednesday. So today it's Mary's turn.

Cassy: Tell us about your writing, Mary? How did you get started?

Mary: You hear the story, over and over. I have wanted to write my entire life. I wrote the dumbest stories when I was a child. I grew up in the 60's and 70's (yes I'm older than dirt, but I haven't graduated to a walker yet) so I thought I could write like a beatnik--cool man. For those younguns out there, that's slang for the 70's. Then I got married to dog face (whole other story) and while the kids were young I decided to write an historical, after all my favorite author was Johanna Lindsey, I could write that. Oh so not! It was the worst 100 pages of junk you'd ever want to see. I have no idea where it ever went.

Then I remarried and we had all the kids (his 3 and my 3) to put through school. On top of that I had to travel for my job. When the kids were all grown and almost out of the house, I began to write seriously. That was in 2000. I had no clue they even had writing organizations. How was I to know there were other people like myself? RWA was the best thing that every happened to me. And that's were it pretty much all began.

Cassy: What's your favorite part of writing? I love editing as do others in this group, do you?

Mary: Editing? YUCK bite your tongue. I am a complete panster, I love to read the story as I write it, I don't know the end until I type--THE END. And then I'm ready to move on. But I know I have to edit. So I do.

Cassy: You have written a number of books, have you seen your writing change? If so, how?

Mary: LOL, have I seen a change? I used to head hop so bad, that when I read it through the first time, even I got confused who was talking. Over the years my writing has matured. My grammar has cleaned up, granted it cleans up after the first editing go over. I don't bother with anything but writing the first go around.

I've grown in emotion and layering. I have also learned how to 'show' more than 'tell'. And many of you may not agree with this, but I'm okay with a little bit of telling. And I have read many a story where that author (Bestsellers) has felt the same way. And it in no way took away from the story.

Cassy: What's the next project for you? We're waiting to find out!

Mary: I have two that are fighting to come out. But I'm not sure which is going to win. They are both women's fiction. And the main character in both is older.

Cassy:  You have started a fun and lively new blog- jump and not only tell us how to find it but also what your focus is.

Mary: I have had a blog for a few years now, but the name has changed. It has sort of evolved with me. It's called Mary's Garden. Now. Which is sort of funny since I have this black thumb and can't grow a thing. I love gardens and if a cyber garden is all I can have, then I'll take it. On my blog I do not focus on writing. Once in a while I'll post a new book or something about a conference.

Mostly it's about food, wine, travel, adventure and music. Anything that's relaxing. I like to interview. I've interviewed the culinary art director from, I've interviewed the chef and manager of The Pinnacle Restaurant at the Falkner winery. This week I've interviewed (different topic every day) The Coffee Time Romance crew. It's been fun and lively, drop by and say 'HI.' I also have a contest going on. All you have to do is post your favorite fall and/or Halloween recipe in the comment section any day from now until November 1. Then all who do, will have their name thrown in a hat. My husband will draw and the winner will receive their choice of one of my books (electronic format)

Cassy: You balance a very busy life. Care to share how you do it and stay on top of your writing?

Mary: I balance it? I'm never on top of it. I'm always behind my goals, actually I've learned to just write when life lets me. Because if I sit down and say "I'm going to write this many words every day..." Life will shoot something in my way to prevent it. It's much easier to sneak the writing in when life is looking the other way.

Cassy: I know you know a lot about wine. How did you learn? Care to share a favorite?

Mary: I drink a lot of wine. Yes, that's how I learn. I have wine tastings, I make notes of what is good and bad. Which one's have too much Tannin's. Etc. As far as a favorite, it's one I drink maybe, if I'm lucky, once a year on a VERY special occasion. It's a Cask Cabernet -- Rubicon Estate from the Napa Valley.   (It's about $80)

Cassy: Besides wine, give us a peak into the life of Mary Martinez.

Mary: I love my family. We have lots of fun. Every week usually Monday--but depends on soccer, tumbling, basketball, etc.--we have Papa and Nana night, when 7 kids, 3 dogs, a baby and their parents show up for dinner. My husband and I love to travel, and we love to have friends over.

Cassy: Lastly, for those who don't know, Mary is a "Parrot Head." Did I get right, Mary?

Mary: Yup I'm a parrot head which means, I love Jimmy Buffett. I have been to more concerts of his than I can count. Although Chris Isaak is a close second. I have a pirate parrot, drinking a margarita, tattoo on my left ankle. If you've never been to a concert, and if you do go you have to attend the pre-concert beach party, you need to go just for the experience.

Thank you Cassy, these were very fun questions!


Kari Lee Townsend said...

I love learning more about you, Mary! And I had no idea you had a tattoo...or that a Buffet concert had a pre-concert beach party. That sounds like a ton of fun!

Donna Cummings said...

Mary, I love your "cyber garden", and since I can't grow anything, I think that's a lovely way to do it! (Maybe I should look into having a "cyber kitchen" too. LOL)

It sounds like you have a lot of fun in your life. :) Thanks for sharing.

*raises glass* Cheers!

Mary Martinez said...

Good Morning!
Kari I'm not sure if all of Jimmy's concerts have a beach party, but all the one's I've gone to have. So I know they have one in San Diego, Denver, Irvine and Vegas. But It is a done of fun.

Donna if you're going to do a cyber kitchen are going to have a cyber chef too?

Lindsay said...

Mary, I'm with you on gardens. Cyber is the best way to go. No weeding or planting leaving time for more important things in life.

Donna Cummings said...

But of course, Mary! A cyber chef is essential! LOL

Mary Martinez said...

My hubby has been out ripping up unwanted trees and all sorts of stuff in the back yard all week. I bet he would like a cyber garden about not!

Liz Lipperman said...

YaY! I'm finally able to get internet. Sorry I've been MIA. Loved the interview, ladies.

Lindsay said...

Liz who??

Cassy Pickard said...

Mary: This has been great. Thanks so much for sharing with us. A cyber garden sounds great, as long as you don't have cyber wine.

Lindsay said...

No to cyber wine but Yes to cyber margarita

Taryn Kincaid said...

My cable went out and I've been unable to visit! (Went through serious off-line withdrawal, too.)

Mary's blog is delightful.

Usually makes me hungry, though. Or thirsty.