Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesdays Tidbits with Kari: Featuring NYTimes & USA Today Bestselling author Caridad Pineiro

We have a special treat for you today, folks. An interview with the fabulous Caridad Pineiro. So let's give her a warm welcome and soak up all her juicy tidbits!

Kari: You're a NYTimes & USA Today Bestselling author. Can you tell us what it was like to hit those lists and what's the secret to doing so? What do you think helped you the most in getting there?

Caridad: Because of my reputation in the paranormal romance genre, I was lucky enough to be included in an anthology with some top authors. That anthology, MOON FEVER, hit both the NY Times and USA Today lists and it was really exciting to receive that call from my editor. As for help in getting there, it helped to be included with some top names, but also to have established a name for myself in the paranormal genre.

Kari: You write sexy paranormal romance. Can you tell us about your latest release in that genre? You also write killer romantic suspense. Can you tell us about your latest release in that genre as well?

Caridad: The best answer to the above is that my latest release is STRONGER THAN SIN, a paranormal romantic suspense which will be available on October 27, 2010. STRONGER is the story of an ex-football player, Jesse Bradford, who has been forced from the game he loves due to a degenerative bone disease. Jesse is so desperate to resume his career that he would try anything, even a radical gene therapy. Unfortunately, the results of the therapy and the men behind it will endanger both Jesse and his family as well as Dr. Liliana Carrera, who has been asked to treat him.

Readers loved Liliana in the first book in the series, SINS OF THE FLESH, and I think they will enjoy this action-packed story with her as the heroine. I’ve also signed on to do two more books in the series – THE LOST and THE CLAIMED – which will be out in August 2011 and the Spring of 2012. These two new books will take a decidedly dark turn as a race of energy hunters descend on the Jersey Shore in a battle for their existence.

Kari: Which genre do you prefer, or is there a genre you haven't tried yet that you might dabble in someday?

Caridad: I love both paranormals and suspense. I’ve tried my hand at women’s fiction and although I loved those stories and would like to do more, I really do love the dark side. Because of that, I think that at some point I’d like to try a paranormal young adult romance.

Kari: You are a lawyer, a huge advocate for Latino authors, a writer of a couple genres at once, you teach workshops, you speak at a ton of places.....how on earth do you juggle it all?

Caridad: You know that old adage about if you want something done give it to someone who is busy? I guess that’s me. I am involved in lots of things, all of which I love, and I try to prioritize each of those and not use my time unwisely. So, I try to write when it won’t interfere with family or my legal job and use vacation time for both family and writing-related events. I also multi-task since I’ll often be writing and watching television or a movie. Long strolls along the boardwalk are great for my health and mental well-being, but I will often be plotting something for the latest book as I stroll.

Kari: Any favorite authors or favorite series you want to pass along for us to check out?

Caridad: My absolute favorite series is the IN DEATH series by J.D. Robb. I’ve spent this summer reading what I’ve missed and re-reading the first one. Totally dynamite.

Kari: Any tips or pieces of advice you can give us that you wish someone had told you when you first started in this crazy business?

Caridad: I guess the first thing would have been for someone to tell me it was a crazy business! LOL! As a science major and then a lawyer, I’m used to a world where there is a cause for each effect. Not so true in the publishing world. There are lots of great books out there that go nowhere and sometimes you have a great result with a book, but can’t really pinpoint what caused it. That totally messes with my normally logical mind, so I’ve had to disconnect myself from having that kind of expectation.

The other thing I wished I knew was just how much work was involved after the writing of the book. Promo, revisions, etc. take up huge blocks of time. But as a final bit of advice: Don’t give up. Nothing worthwhile is every easy.

Kari: Any final things I didn't cover that you want our readers to know about?

Caridad: I want them to know how much I appreciate their support and that I love hearing from them! I’ve made so many friends in that fashion and am grateful for that. Readers can visit me at www.caridad.com, follow me @CaridadPineiro on Twitter or drop by my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Caridad.Author.

Thank you so much for being here with us today, Caridad. You've given me lots to think about!


Kari Lee Townsend said...

Thanks again for being with us today, Caridad. Okay everyone, bring on your questions or comments.

Liz Lipperman said...

Caridad, I love the concept of your series, and although I don't normally read paranormal, I will definitely try yours.

Congrats on making the BS list, and thanks for joining us at M & M.

Caridad Pineiro said...

Thank you for having me here! It's a pleasure to join you on this fabulous blog.

Karin said...

Don't forget about the long train rides to and from the city - when the trains are running, that is :>)

Donna Cummings said...

This sounds like a great series--I better add it to my TBR list. :)

Congrats on all your successes, and hope there are plenty more with your upcoming books.

Mary Martinez said...

Great Post! Thank you Caridad and Kari. I love knowing that others wish others had told them certain things. Maybe there should be a guide book "What you need to know before decide to write a book" It would have been terribly helpful to me. I wouldn't have wasted a lot of time on somethings.

thanks for sharing!

Barbie Jo Mahoney said...

Wow, Caridad, great sounding series! I love paranormal anything. And you've inspired me, knowing there's someone else with a day job (far more complicated than mine) who can make such a success of their writing!

Great interview. :-)

Caridad Pineiro said...

Thank you all for dropping by and Barb, you can do it! My mom always told me that nothing worthwhile is every easy, so don't give up. It'll make success all the more sweeter.