Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mary's Rants

Welcome to Mary's Rants. The year is coming to a close, where has it gone? I for one am glad to see it go, it hasn't been the best for me. However, that's not what I'm ranting about today. And I'm not sure I'm ranting, it's just time for me to get off my bottom and accomplish something.

November is a good month to do it. After all it's National Novel Writing Month! What is this you ask? Well I bet most of you didn't. It's exactly what the title suggests. Everyone gets together, registers on the site. They put their word count goals in and off they go. There are groups that meet around your town. They have merit badge buttons to help motivate you.

You can visit their web site and see for yourself.

I have tried this in the past, and it's great if you follow through. However, I got bogged down trying to remember how to log in, and where my goals went, etc. I haven't tried for a few years and I'm told that it's much easier and user friendly. Still I don't want to be bothered. Yes I do want the motivation and the accountability of something like this. It's nice to have goals that others can see. Then you feel you have to reach them, or have egg on your face.

I belong to a group call the AITC group. That would be Ass in the Chair group. Each month we have one week when one of us moderates and pushes. We have a database for our goals, and the moderator gives us daily encouragement. Plus we all support each other. And for the past couple of years we've done our own version of NaNo. And this year we are doing the same. We've broken it down into 4 sessions, so that we have 4 moderators, that way no one has to do it the entire month.

I am moderating the Kick off (first week). I've been sending encouragement, of what they need to do to get ready. Clear off their desk. Write the back story for their characters, have all the pre-writing process done so that November 1st they're ready to start.

There are a few of us who are actually doing both the AITC and NaNo. They will share some of their goals and experiences from NaNo, and we'll all benefit.

Most importantly for me though, is the accountability, someone pushing me to do something. As of now I still do not know what I'm going to write. But I will be ready November 1st!

Who out there will be doing NaNoWriMo? And have you done it before? How many words do you plan to write, what have you done in the past?


Kari Lee Townsend said...

I have never done it, but I have heard of a lot of people loving it! Good luck to you, Mary!

Liz Lipperman said...

I've never done it, either. I don't write well like that since I am a serious plotter. However, I have started doing thirty minute sprints with fellow writers, and I'm amazed at how much I can get on paper that way.

One of these days I may join you, Mary, but for now, I'm sending good vibes your way.


Lindsay said...

I tried NaNoWriMo last year and got lost in the dust. To complete the 65,000 words you have to do 2,167 words a day, seven days a week. After the first week I started falling behind to where I had to maintain an average of 2,500per day.
It was an interesting experience and someting everyone should try, just to say they did.
For those of you who are going to give it a shot-Good Luck. MAybe sometime in the future I'll try again, just not this year.

Cassy Pickard said...

Mary: I know many folks who do NaNoWriMo. I did it two years in a row AND finished!! But, my work was not very good. The pressure to put the words on the screen was greater than the pressure to put good words on the screen.

I think the process is great and I know it works for many people. I didn't do it last year or this year. And, I think my writing is better for that.

Having said that, I am really impressed with how many school children have become involved with the writing month. There is a separate program for them- how great is that??

Rochelle Staab said...

I did NaNo last year, finished the 65K words in a mad final weekend writing marathon, and can honestly say: Been There, Done That. The ms. I wrote is in a dusty cyberfile, never to be seen.

Since I'm in the middle of the novel I want to finish writing by end of the year, I don't qualify for NaNo'10. And I'm glad. My daily critic needs no encouragement to hound me to write every day.

BUT - I'm proud of last year's certificate and heartily encourage everyone to do NaNo once. So you can say you did. Go Mary, Go Mary, Go Mary!

Mary Martinez said...

I've done NaNo once a couple of years ago, and actually finished the book. It still sits in my file. It's one of the projects I'm editing during Nano this year.

As I said I'm using the pressure to edit instead of write.

Cassy I have given the link for the young writers to a lot of my friends who have young promising writers. I think it's great.

Rochelle, I think you should be proud of finishing, most people don't.

Lindsay, at least it forced you to write, correct? That's what I need a PUSH!

Lindsay said...

And what I ended up writing got thrown in the reject pile. Maybe some day I'll bring it out of the closet.

Tonya Kappes said...

Yea Mary! You can do it! I did it last year and my story will be published in July 2011!! If it wasn't for the push, I probably wouldn't have this awesome novel, The Ladybug Jinx.