Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mary's Rants - Life changes

All of us have heard the term 'life change' and know what it means. Psychologist state these events are one of the highest stress factors in life. This year I've had many, not just one. And as a result of one of these changes I've had to get a 'day' job. I thought writing was my day job, but since it doesn't bring in a steady pay check--yet, I was forced to seek something that did.

Now I'm in training to learn my new job. The biggest adjustment so far, is that it's full time and I can't drop everything at the drop of a hat to run to the computer and write a blurb I just thought of. Or say 'yes' when the kids need me to watch the grandbabies. Go to the store in the middle of the afternoon.

You get my drift. The hardest part of all though is not being able to play with my characters when they want to play. I need to re-learn how to put them to sleep during the 8 hours I work--9 if you count my lunch. It's hard to get all settled into write in only 40 -50 minutes, since I do have to have lunch during that time.

And it's not that I think I can't do it. I wrote my first 4 manuscripts working for the devil place (which will remain nameless, since I really don't want them to say I publicly dissed them) and most of the time that was working with 2 hours mandatory OT a day. I did mention I called it the devil place, correct?

So, please everyone out there who has a full time day job, and I know there are many, many writers who have one--HELP. Tell me what I must remember in order to whip my characters into being good and talking when I can listen. What are your tricks? Are there any?

I hope all of you are having a wonderful season!


Katt said...

Oh Mary I hear ya!
I'm in the same boat, well almost, as mine is full time university at 6 hrs a day, plus homework for at least another 4 and all weekend.
At the beginning of this adventure I got up at 4 am to get a few hours of writing done and I kept a little notebook handy to jot ideas that came up or those pesky characters wouldn't back off... but now, I'm doing homework at this time, and writing has been put on hold to bring out at Christmas break.
So all I can suggest is the hour early.
When I was doing this, it was easy to wake up as I looked forward to that little bit of quiet time with my characters - the rest of the household was sleeping then so I savored this bit of fun.
Now, I treat myself to fifteen minutes of blog reading instead.
good luck!

Cassy Pickard said...

Mary: The juggle can certainly be hard. No doubt about it. I have two thoughts. One, you are taking a path that is important for both you and your husband. Well done! Second, your writing will still be your salvation from the nutty world out there. It might even become just that more special.

You are a tough gal. We know that. We know your stories will keep on coming. And, hopefully you know we are here to listen.

Lindsay said...

Mary, I wish I had some magical word or phrase to help you here. All I know is that we all somehow, someway, somewhere find those few minutes each day to write. Be it getting up early, like Kari, or staying up late, like me, we find the time.
Even though I can write at work there are times when my muse refuses to work and I don't get them until I get home.
Maybe the biggest thing is not to stress but go with the flow.

Liz Lipperman said...

Mary, I'm sending cyber hugs your way. It sounds like you could use them. If it's any consolation, I don't have a day job, and I'm stil not writing!!

I say allow yourself to adjust and quit beating yourself up over this. When you are ready to write again, you'll find a way to do it that works for you. As far as making an income on writing alone without falling into the poverty level, it's hard. Most midlist authors still have to bring home another paycheck. Kudos to everyone who has found a way to make it work. Hubby and I have been really fortunate in our lives and count our blessings, but as you know, things can change in the blink of an eye.

Hang in there. You're going through a rough period in your life. Give yourself time, then when you're ready - jump back in. I can't think of anyone I know who has more determination that you.

Lindsay said...

I second what Liz said.

Mary Martinez said...

See, this is the biggest adjustment. I'm barely getting to the blog to check comments. LOL. I am going to take all of your helpful comments and follow them. Thank you!

Right now I'm on information overflow from training. I'm so non-technical and yet that's what I''m doing tech support. But January 1 I'm going to try to focus on writing at least 1 hour a day, if possible.