Friday, May 27, 2011

Barbie Jo's Bunkhouse: Holiday Weekend

This isn't the post I intended, but it's appropriate I suppose. We had some pretty bad storms come through the area Thursday night (tornado watches and warnings in Central New York, no less!!!). And to wake up to NO INTERNET this morning was just...well...just HORRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, it's one thing to KNOW you're going to be on vacation, or visiting family/friends where you will either have NO internet, or random opportunities to hop online. But to expect it to naturally be there, like hot water for a shower, and have there be nothing, well, that's just WRONG.

But now I have come home from errands to find the internet up and running and I am less stressed. Oh, how we have come to rely on the demons of technology!!!

Is everyone ready to celebrate the long holiday weekend???? I'm looking forward to some nice steaks grilled and a glass of red wine on the deck tonight to kick things off. We have plans with some friends and their kids on Saturday. On sunday we are going to the fair grounds for some Brew, Blues & Barbeques with more friends (adult time!!!!). And I think Monday we will be able to just hang out at home and play catch up.

We used to be big campers, and last year at this time we were headed to Canada. I kind of miss it this year, and wish we were going. Maybe next year we can pick up the tradition - although we will have to board the dog for sure. The cabin was waaay too small for 5 humans and 1 very large pooch! But Memorial Day Weekend always kick started summer for me. Still does, but I want the 'routine' back. Maybe I will find us a new place to start the summer fun! (I'm aways up for new goals)

While we haven't forgotten the true reason for the holiday, it IS nice to have an extra day off of work and be able to spend time with friends and family.

What is everyone else doing? Anything traditional that you do or go to every year?

During this long weekend, let's remember and honor our servicemen/women, past and present, our firemen, policemen and women's auxiliary. They are people who care about this country and proudly serve it well.

Enjoy the weekend everyone! And thankyou technology gods for restoring my internet service!!! *amen*


Lindsay said...

I will only if blogger is working

Kari Lee Townsend said...

This post is so true. I am LOST Without my technology, which is sad, but true.

Today we head to my brother's like we do every year, to spend time with family. Swimming, 4 wheeling, bonfires, etc. Family and fun all around.

Then it's off to see hubby's family and then yard work on Monday! Booyah...back to reality :-)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone

Lindsay said...

There's no question that we've become a technology dependent society. I do hate it when things do work.
I'm just having a relaxing weekend. Sunday where I live we're having a block party

Barbie Jo Mahoney said...

Ahh, yard work. Another excuse for a long weekend! Last weekend I tackled the front yard. I suppose now I have to work on the back. (thanks Kari!)

Block parties are fun. We used to have one every summer in our old neighborhood. I kind of miss it here, then again no once socializes here - its weird.

I would love nothing mor than a relaxing day on my deck with my laptop and beverage of choice, but that's not happening. :-)

Be safe in your travels and enjoy all the parties!