Friday, June 24, 2011

Barbie Jo's Bunkhouse: Say Hello to Lola

Happy Friday once again! Today is the day you all get to meet my muse, Lola! Thanks to Kari Lee Townsend and Sarah Pearson and Donna Cummings my muse now has a name. kari actually started it off with Lolita, then Sue beat Donna to the blog with Lola. And Lola it is! Totally suits her. Come see for yourself.

Me: Welcome to the M&M blog, Lola!

Lola: Thanks. I see Liz posted a fantastic recipe for Cake, but where’s the coffee? Why isn’t there a Starbuck’s on THIS corner.

Me: Hmm…is someone a little cranky today?

Lola: Whatever. How long is this going to take anyway?

Me: Why, you got a hot date I don’t know about?

Lola: You’re funny. We’ve actually got the second half of a book to plot, in case you don’t remember.

Me: Oh yeah…..I’ve been working on index cards, that counts right?

Lola: Sure. But we are supposed to be working on “the board”. But instead you are interviewing me. Priorities, Barbie Jo. Just sayin’.

Me: Wow. Way to be hurtful. It’s all writing related, so relax. Don’t go getting all blocked on me just because of a little interview.

Lola: You block yourself. I’m always here.

Me: Yeah, right, unless you’re out on a “date”. And speaking of which, do you think you’ll ever end up in one of my books? Do you have enough influence to do that?

Lola: You have a couple cozy mysteries where I wouldn’t mind getting cozy with the leading man, if you know what I mean.

Me: Oh, you like those guys do you? Sorry to disappoint you, but they have other “interests” if YOU know what I mean.

Lola: Maybe someday you can find the perfect guy for me to have a romance with.

Me: What are your requirements and I’ll think about it.

Lola: he’s got to be musical, and strong – I like those six-packs and guns! (although a six pack of corona and a glock can totally get them noticed!) A sense of humor is a good thing, but I want someone who can spar with me and not cry like a baby.

Me: you can’t make the hero cry, that’s just not right.

Lola: Then don’t write a wimpy-ass hero! Alpha male or go home!!

Me: Aaand… you should know I have a hard time with those.

Lola: which is precisely why you need to write one. You have to get better at it. Your CP can’t carry you in the alpha department forever you know.

Me: Again with the hurtful?

Lola: Just trying to get you to toughen up.

Me: Riiight. And I think this is going to conclude our interview for today. I don’t need my writing weaknesses splattered all over blogdom. Say bye-bye, Lola.

Lola: Whaat?? We just got started, and besides I used your smartphone to locate a starbucks. Why don’t we pick this up on location? You know you want to. I can easily distract you….

Me: Sorry, Lola, maybe some other time. I will go get the coffee, if you hang out with our friends on M&M and answer any questions they might have for you. And BE NICE!!!

Lola: Hey, sure! Bring it people! Game on, and I’m here all day!!!


Sarah Pearson said...

Oh yes! This is exactly what Lola should sound like :)

Liz Lipperman said...

Lola, you should meet my muse, Jezabelle. She's a smart-ass just like you!! Just saying.

And yes, index cards do count. And I would add one more requirement to that alpha male. He has to have a little estrogen flowing in his blood--do the dishes, cook, and tear up occasionally. He has to be the one who tips the waitress an extra 20 bucks because she's down on her luck. And looking good from a back view in a pair of right jeans doesn't hurt. Or the front view, for that matter!!

And Barbie, you can substitute a can of mandarin oranges, juice and all, in the icing for the cake. I Donalt like pineapples, either, but I hardly notice them.

Liz Lipperman said...

Okay, make that tight jeans. Then again, tight jeans are definitely the right jeans.

Donna Cummings said...

Wow, Barbie Jo, you've got a wild one there. LOL Hey, I just realized that's the first three letters of Lola's name. No wonder she's got a sense of humor. :)

And I love her because she loves Starbucks. I may take Endora there later today for some inspiration. We'll hoist a cup for you and Lola too!

Lindsay said...

Lola, did you wake up on the wrong side of the page today or just Starbucks denied?
Well, anyway good luck on getting a coffee from them if Barbie Jo doesn't take you but I'm off for there now. Maybe we'll meet up

Barbie Jo Mahoney said...

Lola says:

Hey Sarah, glad I meet vocal approval! And I can be very vocal (insert evil laugh)

Liz, have Jezabelle tag along next time! I'm sure after some shooters (tequilla or whiskey) we can brainstorm one hell of a murder! Sorry, but no estrogen in MY man!I don't care if he does the dishes or we eat off paper plates. I want him grizzly bear strong, but yes I suppose a heart of gold. I want that strong appearance on the outside and if he absolutely has to have a "moment", he can save it for the bedroom.

And YUM-MAY, I'm loving the "Tight Jeans are the Right Jeans". now THAT needs to be on a bumper sticker. Or would that be rumper sticker....Hmmm....

Donna, iced caramel macchiato is my summer fav! sometimes I splurge with extra caramel. Hope you and Endora enjoy the inspiration. Maybe you will see some hot rumper sticker material. It's all research!

Barbie Jo Mahoney said...

Lindsey - it was a definite Caffeine denial. And Barbie Jo wasn't budging. Would you believe she had the nerve to bring back an iced DECAF??!!?? Who does that?

You can bet she will be working hard later to make up for that.

Enjoy the Starbucks!

Lindsay said...

Iced DECAF. You're right, who does that. I do half decaf. Don't like the caffeine buzz. And if she didn't bring one back for you then think about going on strike for better working conditions. Either that or unplug her computer so she has to write long hand like Liz

Barbie Jo Mahoney said...

HAHAHA!!!! She would whine like a sissy if she had to write chapters long hand. Then I'd have to slap her.

Lindsay said...

I'd almost pay good money to see that.
At least you talk to your other half. Mine just barks which can get annoying

Anita Clenney said...

Sorry I'm late. Hello Lola! I think you and Barbie will be just great together. You'd better keep Barbie inspired so she ends up on the NYT Best Seller list.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

My muse kept me tied up, typing at my computer to finish this damn book. But I managed to break free long enough to say GO LOLA! I'm rooting for you all the way. You need to tie up Barbie Jo so she'll get her bleep in gear and finish her own book ;)

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