Friday, September 23, 2011

Barbie's Bunkhouse: Or should I say Laboratory???

OMG...Schedule the flippin labotomy because I need a new brain!!!!!!!

Seriously, this is soooo not pretty this morning. Oh, I remembered my blog yesterday afternoon around 4:00 while driving to my daughters soccer game and reminded myself to put it together that evening. Left the game by 6 to make it to her open house at school and was there til 8:30. got home to find frustrated hubby (who drove from Montreal to son's football game in the city, and left at half time to come to Diva's first ever school soccer game) who's over tired, hungry, had many glasses of wine during my absence, and couldn't figure out how to help #1 son create a line graph in excel for his science lab data.

so guess who was up til midnight trying to figure it out??? Oh yeah..that would be me. I love my spreadsheets, but damned if I could figure out how to do it. We would get parts of it, but couldn't manipulate the actual data the way he needed to. ugh. It was more frustrating than trying to get your alpha male hero to show his softer side while saving the heroine during heavy gunfire. aint happening.

But at 8:30 this morning (after struggling and vowing I would figure it out) - I DID!!! and I sent #1 son a text telling him I got it!! he' very proud of me.

I ended up transitioning to the usual home mumbo-jumbo of things I put off all week because if I'm not running around, I'm attempting to put some freaking words on the page. My Novella MUST get done before I decide to have a bon-fire with it and everything else in the back yard!!! Hey, I told you this wasn't pretty - yet you kept reading.

As I was checking emails it suddenly dawned on me that today is my day to post on the blog. I had a panic moment to say the least. But now I'm sitting with my disney glass full of wine, composing my thoughts and getting read to spend the next hour and a half in my story before the afternoon crazy errupts.

I'm ready. I had my tea leaves read by our very own Kari Lee Townsend and I'm waiting to see if it comes true. we clearly saw the number 4 in the center of the future side of the cup which we interpretted to mean 4 weeks, and then we saw either a bear or a sheep meaning I needed to be patient and not rush things. So basically we just finished out week one. I have 3 more weeks to hear what we hope will be good news about my cozy submission (or anything else for that matter!) And if it all will hear me scream across the Americas and beyond.

So okay, maybe I don't necessarily need a labotomy. I'm just vain enough not to want the scar through my head. (ewww) I do think I need some definite GIRL TIME and allocated WRITING TIME. But on the other hand, Laboratory isn't too bad either cuz I could certainly experiment with beverage combo's and tweaking up a couple story lines on some projects I'm working on.

Go forth and write - or read if you're not a writer. Enjoy the weekend and find time for the things that mean the most!


Lindsay said...

Actually, Barbie a labatomy doesn't hurt that much and isn't to bad, once you get use to the drooling.
Good luck with the cozy submission.

Anita Clenney said...

Barbie, I did the same thing on Tuesday, BUT I didn't remember until 7:30 that morning! So I feel your panic. I had been planning to post an excerpt soon so I did it then. After being off line with this computer virus for so long, I keep forgetting to check blogs and email. Good luck with the story. I hope it finds a perfect home.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Oh honey I feel your pain....I think I've had a cyber labotomy!

We sooooooooooooo need a girl night for chilling and writing with no interruptions!