Friday, October 14, 2011

Barbie's Bunkhouse: Freaky Friday

it's almost you know where your blog post is??? yeah, that was me a few moments ago. AGAIN!!!! Gee, this seems to be a trend with me. What the heck! And to top it all off, I had 2 really great ideas for the blog this week. Can I remember them no? Of course not.

But, while thinking of Halloween I starting thinking about the paranormal genre. When people first here it they might think of ghosts and such, but in reality it encompasses so much more. of course, the most popular being vampires and while we keep hearing how "overdone" they are, apparently they are still pretty popular because I continue to see numerous books on the shelves. Shape-shifters had their day too, and werewolves for a while but I don't think they ever really took off. Zombies? Hmm...not particularly my cup of tea but there have been quite a few of those too. Witches (especially this time of year.) and let's not forget Demons. And just like any other genre, you can make paranormal dark and scary or light and funny.

I love paranormal things. For a while my stories had some kind of paranormal twist to them. But I wasn't about having paranormal characters as much as I was writing about a paranormal object. Have you ever thought of bringing a paranormal element to your own story? What about adding a possessed necklace or haunted rose garden? Sometimes just a touch of something paranormal can add a different layer to your story and give it that unique quality to really hook your reader.

And writing paranormal can give you a certain amount of freedom - kind of like world building. If you create your own paranormal "being" or decide that a particular object is going to be possessed, YOU get to create all the rules. And if you want to be really clever, nows your chance to BREAK the common myths that most people know about certain paranormal things. For example, what if you were writing about werewolves and common knowledge is they come out during a full moon. Maybe its the light of a full moon that makes their wolven essence visible, but in regular light they look human. (Think pirates of the carribean when the pirates were out at night all you saw were skeletons, but at any other time they looked normal) Finding a unique twist like that can really make your story stand out. There will be times when you have die-hard fans take offense to you manipulating the myths, but I think for the most part changing things up is a really good thing.

Tis the season for some spooky, silly, paranormal writing. So burn a few candles, tap into the incense, chant until your muse gets the chills! Tune into your cosmic energy and let your imagination sore! See what you can do to add some paranormal into your stories! I think you will be "thrilled" with the results!


Cassy Pickard said...

Barbie Jo: It might be the "season," but there are odd characters to consider. I'm a Reiki Master and I'm not necessarily a believer in all that is supernatural. Having said that, I have had moments when working on someone who I know, I have been joined by beings from another time or space. Very odd.

Barbie Jo Mahoney said...

Cassy, I hear ya! I am very sensitive to supernatural activity. I would probably freak out!! :-) Just ask Kari what happened at the New England wasn't pretty.

I can't even imagine having an experience while working on someone. WoW!!

Halloween isn't one of my favorite holidays. But I love fall which is a season - while halloween is just a night.

And with that said I am still curious about the supernatural and I love putting hints of paranormal into my work.

Liz Lipperman said...

Just in time for Halloween! I am a non-believer. Having said that, weird things sometimes happen to me that I can't explain.

And as far as writing goes, I'm waiting to hear about my ghost paranormal mystery series.

Have a great weekend.

Lindsay said...

Barbie I think you're dealing with "lions and tigers and bears and thing and ghoulies and ghosties and wee legged beasties and things that go bump in the night."
That's why your having blog problems.