Friday, November 11, 2011

Staking out Crime Bake

The road trip to Crime Bake was an adventure. We drove through rain and traffic and made it safely to the hotel - with lots of laughter along the way. It's Friday and I'm at Crime Bake in Dedham, MA staking out perps with my peeps Kari Lee Townsend and Danielle LaBue. There's quite the cast of characters here and we are having a ball!! we visited the Sisters in Crime welcome. Lots of fun!! and we will be at the pizza party later networking and meeting new mystery authors. We are waiting anxiously for our agent (Christine) and Liz Lipperman to join us - who had a little "delay" at the airport with their writer driver!!! Looking forward to a fantastic conference and learning interesting things through the mystery perspective. No WiFi in the room, so updates will not be happening...sorry blog fans! Not much to report except we are people watching - yet have no idea who we are watching!! LOL. We have found fashion faux-pas and disasters...not to mention secret hotties. Oh, and hairstyles that need a make-over. :-) We have code names: Natasha, Svetlana, and Angelina - and WE are on the case. Skippy behind the bar is shaking up some mean drinks for the fashion deprives in need of a stylist and it seems like EVERYONE is on their smart phone. We have recon photos and are not afraid to use them. The BC babes are in the house and totally plan to rock this conference (although we may be banned for next year! LOL) N.S.A. - out (for now)


Anita Clenney said...

Go crime spy girls. We'll wait for the scoop when you get back. Have fun...but stay legal. You're on the job!!!

Lindsay said...

Anita trust me those girls are a danger.
They'll be lucky if they aren't banned from the conference until a responsible adult can be appointed their guardiand. Of course, that leaves out Pete and myself. Maybe you or Cassy could keep them in line next year.