Friday, December 23, 2011

Shameless Self Promotion

I normally don't do this - it's very out of character for me, really! For as much as I kid with my family and closest friends that it's all about me...I honestly hate to brag. But boy am I today!!!  My FIRST EVER publication is up on Amazon!!  *cue the screams, happy dance and margaritas!*

Santa Wore Combat Boots by Barbara Witek. (more screams!!!!)

In 2005 I wrote this as a 1500 word short story for our local newspapers Holiday Fiction Contest. And I won!! My first ever contest win. They did a full page spread in color, containing the story, some paper are depicting scenes from my story, plus a picture of me (dressed in my father in laws WWII uniform jacket and hat) and a small bio. It was the coolest thing ever! And my darling hubby had it professionally framed and it hangs in our house. Still makes me cry whenever I read it.

I've always loved the emotion of the story, and always thought if I ever had time I would love to make it into a longer Holiday story. Well, in 2009, Hollywood director/producer Doug McKeon had been asked by Oscar Winning actress Marlee Matlin to write a holiday screen play for her for the Hallmark Channel. Out of many ideas he and Marlee read...they chose MINE!!! In the midst of my writing, I had to find time to flesh it out and create that super emotional story I started. It took awhile because life gets in the way, but I finally did it!!!! And just in time for Christmas, no less.

In the short story version, the army widow is visited by the ghost of her husbands friend who died in the same helicopter crash. He makes her believe in the spirit and magic of Christmas. But in my story version, the young widow is visited by the ghost of her husband every Christmas Eve, it's the only way she can be with him. Christmas was their favorite holiday. Only she's lost the spirit of Christmas, and it's up to her neighbor to help her find it again, along with love. The season is indeed magical.

Santa Wore Combat Boots is a sweet, holiday love story and I hope everyone will buy it!!! .99 cent special now through January. You can go directly to Amazon or to the link on my website  Only digital format this year because I wanted to hurry and get it out. I'm excited to launch my career with this wonderful story!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season everyone!


Cassy Pickard said...

Barbie Jo: This is fantastic. I'm ordering it RIGHT NOW. You have every right to prance around in your house screaming to loud music. Forget making those cookies, just pump the air and feel great.

May your sales be many. And, may your holiday be wonderful with your family.

To all our loyal friends who stop by M&M daily, thank you for taking time with us and sharing your thoughts. We love having you join us. We wish you the very best during this season and for the year ahead.


Liz Lipperman said...

I can;t wait to dig into this one, Barbie. It is my Christmas present to myself.

And why else would we spend so much time keeping this blog fresh and updated if not to self promote???

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Love love LOVE this story! It made me cry. I can see why Marlee and Doug are interested in it. It would make a fabulous Hallmark Channel Christmas movie!!!

Donna Cummings said...

It sounds like such a great story. I get shivers just reading your description! Congrats on the launch of your career--here's to many more wonderful moments ahead. :)

Hannah Jayne said...

Congratulations -- that is so awesome and SO many levels! And I absolutely adore your cover :) Best of luck and keep us posted when we can watch your words come to life!

Cassy Pickard said...

Okay, I have this baby on my iPad. I LOVE having the great books from the M&M babes. My shelves, Kindle and iPad are filling up!

Lindsay said...

Congrats Barbi. Guess I'll have to go get the story.
To all you ladies and Christine- Happy Holidays and stay safe.