Friday, January 27, 2012

Time Management

A favorite, or not so favorite topic - but a very important one. We all know when we're doing it properly and when we're not. When we're on a roll, things are getting done, progress is being made and we feel like a superhero! We are unstoppable! Bring it on and we will succeed! Nothing is going to stop us now, we've found the secret formula!!

**cue screeching brakes**

Then...someone or something throws the dreaded monkey wrench, causing chaos, inevitable panic, and no time for a calming glass of wine to regroup. You're schedule is jam-packed yet you still have goals. Goals that can still be kept if you adjust accordingly.

I've never been a "true" schedule person. I like order, and I'm a definite list maker. I'm a planner and I need to know what is coming down the road so I can be ready for it, but I don't need to know exactly what time it's coming. Monkey wrenches get thrown at me alot - especially when it comes to my writing. Just when I believe I have a "plan" (ha, okay, call it a schedule) on what I'm working on and when I perceive "the end" if I stick to it.....I end up switching gears, and for good reason.

My only problem is I have so many lists, updated lists, re-updates desk is a clutter house for my To-Do's! You'd think I would simplify and condense my lists. Nope, I can't. Each list has notes about the things on it, usually too much to re-write onto a revised list. It's crazy, but it's what I call my orderly chaos. Don't move my lists or throw them away. I know exactly what's on them and where they are (well, usually) when I need to refer to them. I do this for everything: housework, kids sports, my school work, the day  job, and my writing. Now, some things coincide with my calendar (I keep 2 of these) and usually my day job list gets re-written, but I just can't do this with my personal lists.

I write this post today because I'm realizing more and more the importance of being flexible in my writing life, yet still managing myself so I stay on track. It's very easy to get off track and that seems to be my biggest hangup. My time is divided into so many different areas, I often think if I could just let one of them go it would make my life a lot easier. But unfortunately for me, letting go of something isn't an option. So...I have to dig deep and make it all work the best I can while keeping everyone happy (or close to it).

I've recently thought of a schedule that I'm going to try to put into place (especially when the hubby is home and not traveling). It's a tough balance, but I think if I can stick to it it will work. I have to make it work because my writing goals have changed a bit and I have to be more aggressive with this if I'm going to be a success.

So continuous lists is how I stay on track. What tricks do you have to manage your time? How do you handle the monkey wrenches?


Kari Lee Townsend said... know how I am about my lists :-)

I LIVE for a schedule. I don't always follow it, either, and life does tend to intervene, but I rally am my own worst enemy.

when I do stick to my schedule, life in general goes so much smoother.

Good luck with yours.

Anita Clenney said...

Barbie, I'm not very organized with time, and I'm not goal oriented. I'm fueled entirely by enthusiasm. For me, that makes it easy to roll with the punches, but there's such a down side to not being organized.
I make lists, but half the time I can't find them.

I'm trying to become more goal oriented and after reading Rachel Aaron's blog that I reprinted on Tuesday, I'm feeling excited about writing again and feeling different about goals. That's huge for me.