Friday, January 6, 2012

Write Your @*$ Off Update

Last Friday I talked about the WYAO (Write your @$$ off) challenge that my local chapter is doing for the month of January. Write EVERY DAY during the month - doesn't matter how  much or how little - and you only get 3 "mulligans". Kind of like a mini-NaNo. It's supposed to be new material (no editing) although due to deadlines, there's a lot of authors who are doing a little of both.

I am pleased to say, Sun-Thurs I have written every day for a total of 20 pages thus far! That may not seem like a lot for some people but it's a lot for me! I've toyed around with having my personal page goal to be 3 pages per day, so it's nice to see that I can reasonably stick to that in the future if I apply myself.

So far I'm finding this challenge very refreshing. I don't feel "forced" to write at all. I've basically told myself it's something that I have to do - like taking my vitamin or exercising. I have to do it. It doesn't matter what time of day, either. I can get the pages in during the morning or evening or both! And I check in when I know I'm done for the day - which is making me accountable, and I like that. I thought I'd feel more pressure but surprisingly I don't.

The last couple of days have proved challenging, but I persevered and wrote so I'm feeling quite accomplished. *insert huge smiley face* I kept thinking because hubby was out of town and the children were at ski club, I'd be able to kick some page-booty but that didn't happen. Other non-writing things needed my attention for a couple hours. But like I said, I got the pages in and there's no pressure. I just need constant productivity on the page.

So how did everyone else do, who wanted to join the challenge with me? Were you able to write each day so far this week? Did you run into any obstacles?

I still have pages to work on today and of course this weekend. I'm hoping I won't have to call in a mulligan this soon! I've got plans for at least one of them! Let's keep pushing on and clicking those keys!! I'll take new comers if anyone wants to join in!

There's still time to WYAO!! (if only 20 pages were 20 pounds.....)

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Lindsay said...

I didn't do as well as I'd wanted. Got about half of what I wanted written done. But, I'll perserver and try to do better this next week