Friday, January 20, 2012

You're Never Too Old!

We've all heard that before right? Or what about You can't teach an old dog new tricks!? But it's true. You're never too old to do something you really want to do, something you're passionate about, or always dreamed about. Hell, if you're healthy enough and always wanted to skydive or parasail....then go for it! That's not my thing, I'd rather swim with the dolphins. If writing a book or memoir is what you're passionate about, then do that too! And as far as teaching an old dog?? If that old dog isn't too stubborn, I bet they can learn anything, especially if there's a treat involved.

This week I've started on a new adventure. I'm going back to school. Yup, as if I don't have enough crazy in my life I am going to throw in reading/studying/writing. I have an Associates in Accounting and that's been interesting, especially for a girl who still for the life of her can't do percentages in her head. It hurts just thinking about it now. Hey, I go to a store and 35% off is a decent deal. It's not 50%, but it sure beats 15%. I'm good with that. I don't need to know the exact cost of the sweater I'm holding. If I want it bad enough, I will round up. My oldest son is like me in this regard. Poor kid, he didn't inherit his father's mathematical genes. I'm sorry.

Now, I didn't just come upon this idea willy-nilly. I gave it alot of thought. Through my search for a more challenging job this summer, I realized even though I had 8 years job experience at the university, and had 5 or 6 (ugh, I've lost track) interviews in a 2 month period, my Associates Degree was holding me back. At this point in my writing career, I was still in my "death spiral" as I like to call it from my loss of contract and I honestly didn't know what more I could do. My husband had taken a huge cut in salary and it was starting to effect us financially. I felt like I had to do something and getting a full-time (vs. my part-time) job was of the essence. So I applied and was accepted in the Writing Program and SU. And I am going to be working toward my Bachelor's Degree, while I continue to write, schlep kids, clean the house, walk the dog, blog, be the team mom, FB, Tweet, and oh yeah.....and probably drink heavy! LOL.

I'm all good with it. This old dog needs to re-activate her brain cells. I'm ready for the challenge and knowing the polly-perfect that I am, I WILL make it all work and it's going to be great. Of course, I say this as I'm breaking into self-publishing my work, I have some fantastic ideas for romances and cozy mysteries, and I'm taking 2 classes! Of course, it was just in the cards that the writing would take off just as I accept something just a huge. It's like getting a puppy and then finding out you're pregnant with twins, and your in-laws are moving in for a year. Yup, story of my life.

So I'm putting my best foot forward. I'm sure the first couple weeks will be adjustment, but I've already semi-planned a nightly schedule in my head which includes writing and classwork. A Philosophy Class and Sociology of Sport. I'm looking forward to this journey. I know it's going to help my writing and critical thinking/analysis. And who knows...I just might be able to get a story idea out of it all. Eventually once I can take classes in my major, it will help me complete some of my open-ended projects. Oh yes, I'm thinking ahead to use some of them as classwork!  It's all good in the land of Barbie Jo!

And who knows....I just might add something wild and crazy to my list for next year!

So what kinds of things have you wanted to do, but haven't yet? What's holding you back? Better yet, what crazy things HAVE you done that you never thought you would? And who/what made you finally do them!

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy some football!! I'm hoping for a Ravens/Giants Super Bowl!!! (I'm NOT a New England Fan, but if it has to be, then I will take the Giants/Pats re-match!)


Lindsay said...

Good luck with returning to college Barbie

Barbie Jo Mahoney said...

Thanks Lindsay! I survived today!!! I was a little intimidated, but at least I wasn't the oldest in the class! LOL. I've got a lot of work ahead, but I know it's going to be great!

Liz Lipperman said...

Wow! You've bitten off a pretty big hunk, but I now you can do it. I went to nursing school back in the days when you didn't get a degree for it. So, I went back to school when I was about your age and got a BS in Professional Arts. Actually it was while I was taking a Creative Writing class that I decided to write.

So, buckle up, GF. The ride may get bumpy, but it will all be worth it. And kudos to you for having the guts to do it.

Anita Clenney said...

Oh my gosh, Barbie. You go girl! That's amazing. I know you're busy as is, but I so admire you for pushing yourself. You may get tired but you'll have some great experiences and this will be really beneficial.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Good for you, Barbie Jo! I know you can do this. I feel like I went to school forever, but I love school. Taking courses is exciting, and will definitely put that creative spirit into you.

So buckle up and make a'll need it.