Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Anita's Attic: Reviews

I haven't been checking reviews lately, but I thought for my blog today, would post some reviews from Amazon. Good and bad. I find it interesting to see that what one person hates, another loves.

But a pleasant thing happened. I couldn't find many bad ones. Actually only one that was really negative. Wow, nice surprise. This just makes me so appreciative of everyone who has helped me along the way so I can do what I love. My family, my agent Christine and the Book Cents family, all my writing friends, and of course my CP Dana Rodgers.

So here they are:

The author has outdone herself with this set of books. Awaken the Highland Warrior was excellent and they just keep getting better. These are characters to love. Three dimensional and fun with depth. Like tv's "Friends" with a wonderful twist. Can't wait for the next in the series.

I plan on grabbing every book this author writes! You gotta love the Connor clan, kinda like gorgeous X-Men in kilts. ;) Both books were really fun reads, if this is your type of genre you can't go wrong by following this author.

So, looking at all the 3-5 stars for this book and wondered, "What's wrong with me?". I love reading romance novels, especially Scottish Highland men but for some reason, right when I started reading this book, I really couldn't get into it. I didn't read the first one (not knowing there was a first book and this was a series) so maybe that's the reason I'm having a really hard time enjoying this book. It's definitely not a stand alone and it's really quite boring. I have no idea what's going on and I'm finding if I end up reading the first book, am I going to find it as boring as this one?

I'm really not liking either of the main characters at all. It's a constant back and forth with the trust and love issue and it's driving me crazy. Wish their relationship was more believable. There are too many secondary characters I can't keep up with. Which ones are the brothers again and which ones are not? Ugh....too much going on and yet, boring as heck.
Just my opinion.

This book jumps into action and doesn't slow down till the last pages. There is hurt and angst as Shay and Cody try to work through their painful past and the misunderstandings that separated them. There is more betrayal and jealousy as the boyfriend Shay just broke up with shows up and turns out to be another warrior assigned to protect her. And there are more secrets to be revealed.The story is a bit busy with action, emotion and love that finally gets to be expressed. I loved all the action and mystery and I liked that the romance was a primary part of the story but the lovemaking scenes were few and, although intense, they were not overly graphic. There is also humor with some uniquely wacky `relatives.'

This is a great book. It has action, warriors in kilts*oh wait covered that already*, steamy couples, strong love, and yeah warriors in kilts!! This second book in The Conner Clan really turned me onto the series and yes I must now backtrack and read the first in the series. You can really not go wrong with this read. The writing is spectacular and the story line is really intriguing.

Hello I love this book, I am now hooked on her books. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down. I mean it I was lucky I started reading it on Saturday because I read it until 4am Sunday morning. I turned around and downloaded the next of her books.

I can't wait until the next book comes out! The story line from the first book to the second flowed easily,and the book was hard to put down.

This second book in The Conner Clan really turned me onto the series and yes I must now backtrack and read the first in the series. You can really not go wrong with this read. The writing is spectacular and the story line is really intriguing.

The characters are well developed - I feel like they are friends I have known for years. I love how she introduced most of the characters in the first book and then brought them all back in this second book. We get to know some of them even better in Embrace The Highland Warrior... and believe me....you will love them all!!!!

What's not to love about sexy highland warriors fighting evil demons and vampires. Throw in some strong heroines, a little mystery and just the right amount of romance... and you have a winner! I hope the author doesn't stop at just three books in this series...... please keep writing Anita!

Anita Clenney has continued to spin a tale that a reader can't resist. My only suggestion would be to first read Awaken The Highland Warrior so that you are involved with the entire saga. Well written, a page-turner.

All in all, I did think that this was a good read that kept me entertained. I wish that I would have started with the first book, but I think that I'll go back and read it before continuing on with this series. That way I'll get the chance to get a better feel for some of the secondary characters. I would recommend this books to fans of paranormal romance but make sure that you start with Awaken the Highland Warrior!

Bottom Line: A good read and a series that I want to read more of.

Embrace the Highland Warrior will take readers on a thrilling adventure with plenty of action, jealousy, demons, and warriors. Anita Clenney has blended paranormal, romance, and highlanders into an exciting, and hopefully long-running series. In Embrace the Highland Warrior, future story lines are put in place as characters appear more throughout the book, and I am very much looking forward to reading the next installment in the series.

CAN'T put it down until you finish it? This book was like that. It's full of wonderful Scottish warriors and damsels in distress, fighting vampires and demons, and it has mysteries and clues woven in. I love the blend of past and present. My daughter, who's studying novels and writing, tells me that when you write it has to be believable even if it's fantasy. I can picture these characters in flesh and blood even though it would be strange to have a family of brawny Scots living next to you. Strange, but AWESOME! The way Anita Clenney writes about them, it's totally believable. This series is great! I could do with a little less sex, but then I guess they are Scottish warriors and they can't help it. Anyway, I can't wait for the next volume to be published!

I really am enjoying this series and it's a nice change from my normal, historical, genre. I find the characters well written, with the hero/heroine both alphas, which I find important in a contemporary setting. The book also does a good job of explaining how the "clan" deals with the issue of the paranormal in the modern world with technology, internet etc which helps to keep the reader engrossed in the story and not asking how could they do that.

Fighting demons and vampires is a dangerous game and Shay doesn't have many warrior skills since she's untrained. Cody does his best, but she's not cooperating with him. He tries to direct her; she tells him to get stuffed. The author makes this interplay lively, which makes it a great read.

When I read these reviews, even the bad ones, it really makes me so grateful that I am a writer, and that I am surrounded by others who share the same dream. That's an amazing feeling.


Kari Lee Townsend said...

I feel the same way, Anita! Reviews, both good and bad, let you know your story is affecting people, and that's the point. While I don't always agree with every review, I do always pay attention to them. And yeah, it's funny how what one person hates, another one loves!

I personally LOVE your books!!!!

Anita Clenney said...

Righto, Kari. At least we know people are reading the story and they're feeling something. I do learn from every review. It's sort of like having lots of beta readers. There have been a few reviews for Awaken that seemed ridiculous, but usually there's a shard of something worthwhile buried in there.

Liz Lipperman said...

I have to admit the first few bad ones I received did hurt, and I had a hard time not thinking about them. But I really developed a thick -er- skin and can now read a bad review without thinking there is something wrong with me.

I do keep a few really good ones close by for those bad one days. I realize my cozies are different than most. First of all, I write in third person,and I do push the envelope--my editor is forever invoking her cozy police alert when I get too raunchy.

Anita Clenney said...

Liz, you gotta love the good ones. There's no greater validation for all the hard work than getting a good review, especially if it's from a reader.