Friday, July 27, 2012

Barbie's Bunkhouse: Lazy Days of Summer...yeah RIGHT!!

Lazy days of summer....ah, yes, I remember them well. Notice I said "remember". They don't happen anymore. Maybe in the singular form, meaning there is nothing going on - no family event, no sports event, home repair, cleaning or yard work. Yeah, singular and that's if I'm lucky. Lazy days of summer have passed me by and when I have a minute, like right now, I can reflect on those days from my younger years and smile and think: What I wouldn't give to be lazy right now!!!

Of course I can be a slacker, and I'm very good at procrastination. I'm actually excited that the next few weeks are pretty clear on the family calendar. Which means my butt can be in the chair writing from dinner on without distraction and no where to go! I need this terribly. For once, I haven't been procrastinating, but life has thrown the usual curve balls and my self imposed deadlines for my upcoming holiday anthology have gotten derailed in a major way. I've been almost in panic mode, but not quite. The day job has been killing me this week so that I haven't been able to sneak any time in there, either, and summer sports stuff has been winding down. Barbie's universe is about to align!!

Now, when I could possibly have the time for a lazy day here or there....NOT POSSIBLE. I have 2 (yes, 2) stories to write for my anthology. They have been completely in my head, so if I can sit myself down the words should just spill out and they should write themselves. (should). Which basically means I need to be a writing junkie. I've done it before, years ago, and I do believe it's time to push myself again. A pack of twizzlers, a big bottle of water and an occasional potty break can work wonders when under the gun - I once wrote 200 pages in 2 weeks doing this.

Tonight I am off to the wilds of Canada with my sisters-in-law for some much needed girl time. I'm really looking forward to it!! And because I am a morning person, I will be bringing a book and my laptop. I just might get to slip in a lazy day this weekend, but in between I will be writing and laughing it up with my family. So I guess, really, a lazy day is any day I'm not the "mom taxi" :-)

Here's to hoping you all can still remember what you're lazy days were like. Have a great weekend!


Cassy Pickard said...

Barbie: Your comments are right on. I'm reading a wonderful book right now-Love, Live and Elephants: An African Love Story. It is about animals and particularly an elephant. It ties in exactly with what you are saying. Enjoy your "girls'" retreat!

Liz Lipperman said...

Well look who's back!! I just got home from a week's vacation with kids and grandkids. Hubby was sick with a kidney infection all week but we still managed to have fun. There was no wifi in the rooms and the connection in the cafe was shoddy at best. Sorry I have been MIA from the blog.

And yes, I need to do exactly what you're doing --a writing marathon, but it will have to wait as I am watching my two granddaughters (1 and 3) for 10 days starting this Friday. Oy!

Have a great time with your SIL.

Anita Clenney said...

Hey Barbie, my kiddos went to the grandparents so I wasn't a mom taxi for a week and a half. It was wonderful. I hope you enjoy Canada with the girls. Everyone needs girl time. And I hope you find a few lazy days along the way. Now that 200 pages in 2 weeks, man do I ever need to that.