Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cassy’s Corner- What do You Pack?

I’ve been traveling a little bit lately. The venues have been mixed, hence the suitcase contents have been mixed. Are you a “keep it small and wear things until it’s impossible to do it again” kind of person? Or, are you a “just don’t know what I want and so I take everything” kind of person?
I’m in between. I might need a change of shoes. I might need something slightly more dressy. I might decide that the comfy stretch pants are the answer. Then all the extras- jewelry, changes of the pashmina wraps I live under, an extra pair of glasses for otherwise I’m in big trouble. And so on.
Well, I only do carry-on on airlines except for dire circumstances. I never check a bag if there is a connection involved (been there, done that). So multiple shoes, multiple pants, multiple sweaters and multiple anything else has to go into an overhead compatible bag.
Then there is the carryon-over-your-arm bag. I confess (don’t spread the word, please) I have figured out how to have three bags all as carry on. Totally against airline rules, but I’ve got it down. So the jewelry (really not much), the medications, the liquids in a quart-sized bag, the thumb drive, laptop, iPad, notes, itinerary and if to Italy, the Euro, all go on my body never out of sight. Well, that’s not totally true and is a whole different story.
Then there is what you have to do to get out of the house. My dogs go to the breeder’s. Bills to pay (just in case you don’t make it home when you think). Windows closed. Plants brought in because it’s about to get cold at night. Yucky stuff dumped from the fridge. Damp towels not left to mold. And? The list goes on. I tease my husband, who travels far far more than I that he gets up, takes a shower and walks out the door—even if it’s to Asia with only a brief case and ultra small bag. Well, just try and ask the wonderful man where the blank checks are, when the garbage pick up is and who to call for the backed up septic system. We all have our specialties…
I am writing this Wednesday night for you to read on Thursday. I arrived home a few hours ago and have a very early departure in just four hours hours. So, as I add to my bag, finish the laundry and wistfully look at the manuscript that is nearly done, it’s time for bed. I rarely set an alarm but I think I will tonight. I will check in as I can during the day. But, a lot of it will be spent with no access to the Internet, as was the issue for the last two days.
Please do join in if you can. What are the important things you pack? What does it take for you to get out the door? What keeps you that extra 20 minutes saying, “I’ll be right there. Just a minute.”
Again, I’ll be here as I can. I hope you will be too.  It’s 11:30 at night and time to change the laundry.
Best to you all. 


Cassy Pickard said...

So, what can you absolutely not live without, no matter how small your bag is?

Anita Clenney said...

I don't do a lot of traveling, but when I do, I'm a "take everything because I might change my mind" kind of packer. I tease my in-laws that it looks as if I'm moving in every Christmas that we visit. I have tried to cut back on occasion, and it never fails, inevitably I regret my choices, so I'm back to packing too much.

I always take extra jewelry. I think it's because I love jewelry so much. I just feel better if I have some of my favorite pieces with me. Even if I don't wear them. It's comforting.

Happy travels!

Cassy Pickard said...

Anita: I hear you! Thanks for your comment. Others?

murdersandmysteries said...

I don't travel except to a conference, which this year I won't be.
Packing was easy for me on the BIG Texas move. Clothes, toiletries, dog food. Other than that some kitchen stuff. My basic philosophy was:if it it in the car it went with me.