Friday, October 12, 2012

Barbie's Bunkhouse: Book Teasers, Oh My!

First of all - let me apologize for being MIA. Honestly, I think I was captured by aliens and just recently returned home. Between the day job and home....I have spent the last 3 weeks in crazytown and I couldn't even tell you what's been going on. Hence the alien reference. Either that or maybe it was that flashy-pen thing the Men In Black use to erase your memory. Regardless, I'M Baaaaack!!

Even on my whirlwind trip through crazytown (that I can't remember), I was busily pounding the keys at any free moment I had. Wow, have I missed it. Twist of Fate was one of my earlier works. What I liked to call "the book I learned on". It was originally crafted for a Harlequin line, but wasn't quite ready so I kept reworking it. But in the process there were other ideas and new stories that had to be written, so I set it aside for many years. Filed away, but not forgotten. I have thoroughly enjoyed revisiting the plot for Twist of Fate and tweaking it for self-publication. After all of these years of honing my craft, I feel I have done the storyline justice. Sam and Kate can finally have their story and HEA. (insert dreamy sigh)

Early this week, I finished the epilogue from hell and sent it off to await formatting and a cover. It felt like a weight had been lifted. But in this crazy, competitive world of publication, writing "THE END" wasn't enough. I felt I had to give my readers something to look forward to. A glimpse of my next work in progress, maybe something fun and interesting. After much consideration over the other romances in my files, I chose to include a snippet from HEART'S DESIRE: Book 1 of the Love Is Timeless Series. THIS book is my baby. This story is the one that started it all, oh so many years ago!

Love is Timeless Series will consist of stories of three young women who invest in an antique shop together and purchase a cursed Scottish heirloom collection. These cursed items will bring the girls back in time to find their true love, their soul mate. (insert yet another dreamy sigh) Sassy, modern day girls who meet hot and hunky highlanders. Oh YUM!

I've seen book teasers done in print books and also in some ebooks I've downloaded. If I've liked the story I just read, then I jump right into their teasers and I love it! Seriously, by the time I finish, I'm totally looking forward to that author's next book and I'm looking for anything else they may have out.

So if you ever want to jump start your motivation....add a teaser at the end of your current book. Once I finished adding it in, I was so excited again about the story I can't wait to jump in and finish it!! And to know that there are 2 more books to follow it, totally give me direction with my writing so I can stay on track and keep putting things out!

Why didn't I think of this sooner????

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and happy writing!!!

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Anita Clenney said...

Barbie, sounds like you have a lot going on as usual. You're just like the energizer bunny! And your Love is Timeless series sounds great. We do love those hunky highlanders! :)