Friday, October 19, 2012

Barbie's Bunkhouse: Release Day!!!

It's finally out!! My short story Extreme Love Makeover is now on Amazon! This story was once part of a charity anthology three years ago. I loved it so much I always wished I could make a bigger story out of it! Well, I've added a bit more to it but it's still a short story, and I'm thrilled to be sharing it with you all.

Here's the blurb:

Repairing a broken heart requires a new set of tools.

Sidney Edwards has returned to Cape Vincent to build a recovery wing for the local hospital. Never did she dream Mitchell Case, the object of childhood summer romances and the same man she left at the altar, would still reside there. In fact, he’s the doctor overseeing her project. Not ready to face the ghosts from her past, or be within a nail guns length of Mitch, Sidney wants nothing more than to complete the job and leave. But Mitch has other plans as passions resurface. Will Sidney find closure and flee, or re-build a life with the man who has never stopped loving her?

If you've noticed, I have this recurring theme in my books.....yup, rekindled love. I really believe when you find the one you are meant to be with, nothing will keep you apart and you will find your way back eventually. :-) Ahh...the plight of a hopeless romantic! I love Sidney and Mitch so much that I have some future book ideas for them. Their continuing story must be told. One day...

I hope you all enjoy Extreme Love Makeover. It's a sweet, fun, short story!

Enjoy the lovely fall weekend!

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Cassy Pickard said...

Barbie Jo: What fun! I definitely need to download it. You write so well and the plot sounds great. Thanks for sharing, truly.