Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kari's Kave: The Gremlins are Back!


Once again the nasty annoying gremlins are back!

I have been trying all morning to post. I am finally able to get on.

It got me thinking about what if my computer crashed? I am so bad about backing everything up. I say I will, but I never do. Even if you don't back up your documents, you can at least email them to yourself so they stay in cyberspace.

Easy right?

Then why don't we do it? I would freak if I lost certains things. Especially when spending so much time and energy on writing...only to lose it? Eeeek. You hear horror stories all the time, but that still isn't enough to make me do it. I have pictures as well stored on my computer. So much stuff I simply wouldn't want to lose.

So tell me, how do you back up your important material? Or do you back up at all? Inquiring minds want to know :-)


Anita Clenney said...

I'm bad about backing up the correct way. Norton backs up some stuff, but there isn't enough space, and I haven't bought more.

I don't worry too much because my computer syncs with my laptop, so I always have the important stuff in two places. But that's no guarantee. Last year, when I sent my laptop in for repair, I wiped it clean as they suggested, but made a mistake and synced it with my computer. It wasn't fun. We lost some stuff, but I recovered most of it. But that was a rare and stupid mistake.:)

For manuscripts, I email them to myself, as you said. I do it every few days, or when I've made lots of changes.

Cassy Pickard said...

My dear, I am weird about this. You'll think I have an affliction that is diagnosable. I use a Mac and thus also have iCloud that automatically backs up. Then, I have an external hard drive that backs up. And, yes it goes on, I have a thumb drive for my wii that is separate yet again. You might remember my story of my laptop being stolen in the Pisa, Italy airport (in security). Having everything backed up on the thumb drive packaged with my jewelry in my purse saved my tush. I have dirty laundry, probably some moldy bread in the fridge, emails that need a response, plus who knows what else--- my computer is hopefully safe. Yet, who knows?