Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cassy'd Corner- Starting Something New

How do you think about a new writing project? I've started one and it's much darker than I usually write. It's slightly uncomfortable for me. But that might be good- pushing me out of my normal range. It might end up sitting on a thumb drive, but that's okay as well. It's making me think outside of my zone.

I have a normal appearing housewife who fantasizes doing terrible things. Then one day she does, just to see if she can pull it off.

Where do these ideas come from? I never would do a terrible thing on purpose, though I probably have unintentionally. Well, nothing really terrible. What makes a writer want to explore the boundaries? Having asked that question, I can also answer it. We have all the freedom to live the lives that we would never live. We can create characters who vicariously dream, love, hate, and (in my case) kill others. A favorite response of mine to people who annoy me is, "Watch out, I'll kill you off in my next book." People stare and then laugh. Ha! I have the last laugh on that.

So, back to the point. Where do ideas come from? How do we develop them? What makes them work for us?

I fuss about these questions for I find them to be the root of where our minds go at times. Any thoughts you can share?


lovindanger said...

Hi Cassy
I love your idea of a "normal" housewife trying something she's thought about, but normally would never do. It's fiction at its best - taking us where we'd all like to go. Can't wait to read the story.
And yes, I like to have my writing make me slightly uncomfortable.
Best Wishes

Cassy Pickard said...

Jo-Ann: Great to have you here. And, thanks for your support. I'm having fun being "bad." My dear husband isn't sure he wants to read what I am writing, but then he asks, just in case.

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