Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cassy's Corner- A Talk with the Fantastic Author Nancy Barone

Dear Readers, Please join me in welcoming Nancy Barone to Mysteries and Margaritas. She is an author of many stories, one of which I just finished reading an advanced copy- The Husband Diet. If you've ever thought about throwing out your current life and starting over, this might be the tale for you. We laugh, we cry and we pick up a book to start all over again. Nancy has us coming back for more each time.

Cassy: Nancy, you live the life many dream of. Tell us how you ended up in Italy.

Nancy: Sure, Cassy!  I was born in Toronto and went to school there until my family moved to Sicily. I’ve always written stories but only first published in 2010. I’m married to a Brit and teach English in a small fishing village.

Cassy: Okay, more.

Nancy: My parents moved our family to Italy when I was 12. There I went to the local school, then to a Linguistic LycĂ©e and finally to read English and French Literature at the University of Pisa, Tuscany. I’ve lived in Italy half of my life if you exclude my stints in Canada and the UK.

Cassy: You have been a serious writer. What drew you to that?

Nancy: I think it’s just an inner drive. When I set my mind on something I become obsessed until I get it done. A writer has to love what she’s doing otherwise it’s just a job.

Cassy: Tell us about the genre you write. The Husband Diet (out soon, folks) is a story of a woman who finds her way. It's a great read. Nancy, what drew you to write about a woman who looks like she has it all, but then recreates her life?

Nancy: I would classify The Husband Diet Women’s Fiction with a comic twist. Isn’t that what women’s lives are all about, trying to have it all, and then having to start all over again because of a (relatively) funny loop?

Cassy: When does The Husband Diet come out?

Nancy: May 31st- I can’t wait!

Cassy: As someone who has the privilege of having read an advance copy of The Husband Diet, I highly recommend marking your calendar for its release. Nancy has a gift of making you laugh at yourself, something we all need more of.

Cassy: Spill, girl, what's on the docket for your next releases? Will we read more of the blustering self- aware Erica?

Nancy: Well, there are another two Erica stories in the making, so that’s keeping me pretty busy at the moment!

Cassy: Okay, you write about your protagonist dreaming about moving to Tuscany for the magical life waiting for her. Truthfully, I spend a great deal of time in Tuscany. I love it. But it's not really an easy place to live. You live much farther south. What would you say were the best and the worst things about being in Italy? I have my own list.

Nancy: Geez, I’d need another book to answer that question! I love living in Italy except for the following:
Bureaucracy, the closed small-town mentality and the way it takes forever to get anything done. Some people don’t take their jobs seriously and Domani, Domani seems to be the operative word here. Everything else- the weather, the food, friends- all a big yes!

Cassy: On the side here, Domani, Domani means "tomorrow, tomorrow." I hear Nancy big time. I remember clearly standing at the post office mailing a package home- to myself. No line. No one waiting at all. Two hours later I adjusted my sweater and looked up to find my husband smiling. The loud stamp kerflunked against the paperwork, reminding me of how hard it was to get anything done. But, I will never stop going back. Never.

Cassy: Want to give a pitch for our Brainstorming Sessions in Matera and the Women's Fiction Festival? It all can't be beat, my dear readers. Go ahead, Nancy, tell them what we've come to love.

Nancy: The Brainstorming sessions were what brought me to write seriously. I had never even heard of them and one day while browsing I came across this Festival in Matera starting the next day. So my fantastic husband booked my flight while I threw some clothes into a bag and took off. Needless to say I was amazed by what people like Elizabeth Jennings had managed to put together. I was flabbergasted by the beauty of Matera, the number of pros in the Industry present, the helpful and kind nature of agents, writers, etc. I instantly elected it my writing home and go back whenever I can! I’ve made some amazing friends, among which Christine and Cassy, of course!

Cassy: Matera, Italy and all the people associated with the Festival are beyond incredible. I have now been a number of times and will continue to go. Those of you who write or read, must think about showing up. You'll not find a better location or a better group of folks ready to cheer you on.

Nancy: Thanks so much for having me, Cassy! I enjoyed this interview so much!

Cassy: All of us at Mysteries and Margaritas thank you!


Cassy Pickard said...

Nancy is going to check in and out during the day. She is 6 hours ahead of East Coast time, as she's in Italy. That means there might be a delay on postings later in the day as it will be her night. BUT, she is ready and willing. Bring it on.

Cassy Pickard said...

Nancy is going to check in and out during the day. She is 6 hours ahead of East Coast time, as she's in Italy. That means there might be a delay on postings later in the day as it will be her night. BUT, she is ready and willing. Bring it on.

Liz Lipperman said...

Nancy, welcome to M & M. Your book sounds wonderful. I was in Matera last year for the WFF, and one day I hope to come to the brainstorming session. It would be nice to meet up with you.

Thanks for the interview, Cassy.